Happy Diwali

8 November 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters around the Mother Earth.

I just have learned about a very nice and interesting celebration for the Indian people and I would like to enjoy this very moment with you. In every part of this beauty - Mother Earth is taking place the Diwali celebration, this is the new year of this beautiful religion.

I know that its main concept is to search for the light is very similar to our Indigenous Cosmovision in South America. For me is a very great time for our Global Community in the World because even though the violence and the nuclear weapons store is increasing the indigenous communities around the World in different parts are telling about our style of life, our Cosmovision, our religions, and the western people are listening to our words. It is an important time and opportunity to walk to a new Society. Other ways are appearing in this new time - (we are hearing thoughts from many people.)

I am very happy for this celebration. Congratulations for all the people. Happy Diwali!