"THE HOLY LAND - in search for peace"

12 November 2010
TRUST WIN photo opening-509_339 (3).jpg

Photographer Claudia Henzler, Hala Bukhari and Elana with the Sheik's aunt from Bukhara and their daughter, Dania.

On October 31 we were invited to participate in the festive opening of Claudia Henzler's photo exhibition "THE HOLY LAND - in search for peace" which took place in the Austrian Hospice, in the Old City of Jerusalem. As the various male clergy took turns to speak, Claudia insisted that I speak -- and I brought up with me Hala Bukhari, the widow of our beloved Sheik Abdul Aziz Bukhari. We each spoke about the women's suffering in the conflict and their deep longing for peace, and stressed the importance of peace in Judaism and Islam. Afterwards we were photographed in front of Sheik Bukhari's photograph. Click here for photos of the event.

Many of the participants and clergy thanked me for bringing the women's voice and message to the gathering. I spoke with an African man from St. Anne's Church who lives in the Congo and we discussed the power of African women of different faiths to join together and speak out for peace and reconciliation in their countries. We are continually working to strengthen the voice and power of Israeli and Palestinian women to build sisterhood together and to encourage the healing and reconciliation that is necessary in our war-torn land. Since our efforts are so little known and so under-valued, it is essential to have the support of you and others around the world. Thank you for love and prayers.

Elana Rozenman