Walking for Rain

3 December 2010
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As the drought and unseasonably warm weather continues in Israel, the TRUST WIN CC (Women's Interfaith Network) held a Women's Walk and Blessings for Rain on Tuesday, November 23, on the serence Goldman Promenade on the seam between East and West Jerusalem. Recently clergymen from the different religions have offered joint prayers for rain. The Chief Rabbis have called for fasting and prayers for rain. We decided to add the voice of women to appeal for the mercy of rain on our parched land. Over forty Christian, Druze, Jewish and Muslim women were amazed to see a beautiful small round circle of a rainbow in the sky as we gathered together. We obtained army permits for a group of women from Bethlehem to participate. Palestinians, Israelis, and Dr. Andrea Blanch from the U.S. Center for Religious Tolerance CC walked hand in hand slowly and silently on the serene Goldman Promenade along the seam between East and West Jerusalem carrying open umbrellas and a rain stick mimicking the sound of falling rain. We had a young daughter of six and women in their 70's. We offered prayers in Hebrew, Arabic and English. We shared dances and songs that celebrate water and appeal for rain from the different traditions, and we ended with a blessing circle to strengthen each other. We experienced the powerful sisterhood of combining the energies of women with their prayers for the blessing of rain to pour down upon the Holy Land.

An Israeli women mentioned that she was so comfortable walking silently with a Palestinian woman and being freed from the necessity and challenge of verbal discussion. She was especially moved when the Palestinian woman took her hand and they ended the walk in a deep embrace. The women from Bethlehem invited us to visit their center, and plans were made for exchange visits with the Druze village in the north of Israel.

We are grateful to the students of Anna Halprin and the Center for Religious Tolerance for their support of this Women's Walk. We plan another Walk in December. Please support our efforts to combine the voices of women from the different religions to affect changes here. U.S. tax deductible donation can be made to TRUST WIN through CRT – Center for Religious Tolerance by writing a check to CRT with “TRUST” written in the memo line of your check. Checks should be sent to:

CRT – Center for Religious Tolerance
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We pray that soon we will have the blessings of rain and peace showering
down upon us.


We pray that soon we will have the blessings of rain and peace showering down upon us.


Elana Rozenman

Executive Director