Building trust in the Holy Land

15 December 2010

The rains are finally falling in the Holy Land! We at TRUST - Emun pray that this is the beginning of the end of the drought in our land.

Our land is thirsting for rain, and our peoples are thirsting to live normal lives alongside each other, raising our children for a shared productive future.

On a practical level, what keeps the Israeli and Palestinian peoples apart?

It is the fear, suspicion, mistrust and vengeance that so many harbor, and that our political leaders, our media, our religious leaders daily reinforce.

We at TRUST - Emun offer a different message and a different reality. We create a safe trusting space where people can come to an activity with the "other", meet someone they would never have the opportunity to meet, be welcomed in a home they would never enter, and participate in structured trust-building exercises. Our TRUST WIN (Women's Interfaith Encounter) enables women of different faiths and all levels of observance to join hands and arms with another woman, share food and recipes, dance and sing together, laugh and cry together.

At our recent TRUST WIN Women's Walk for Rain, walking together were Orthodox Jews, veiled Muslims, a Reform Rabbi, white-scarved Druze, fashionably dressed Christians - secular and observant women from all the faiths. Christian, Druze, Jewish, and Muslim prayers, blessings, and songs for rain were offered. An Israeli women said she felt so comfortable walking silently with an unknown Palestinian woman and being freed from the necessity and challenge of verbal discussion. She was especially moved when the Palestinian woman took her hand and they ended the walk in a deep embrace. A Palestinian woman from Bethlehem was so relieved to be with Israeli women sharing our mutual concern for the land, and invited us all to her home. These simple changes in attitude and behavior are the essence of trust-building. They radiate out to the families, friends, and communities, and multiply the awareness of our shared sisterhood and destiny.

TRUST- Emun has become a recognized leader in trust-building techniques and we've been invited to share our trust-building experiences at conferences locally with Israelis and Palestinians, in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), and in the U.S. We have also participated in various local, regional, and global efforts to strengthen the voice and participation of women in peace-building activities and negotiations. Women globally will be holding Women's Peace Walks on International Women's Day, March 8, to support our trust-building work here.

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Because of the recent devasting fires that directly affected our TRUST members in the North, we've toured the area and have already begun a tree-planting initiative for Palestinian and Israeli women -- Christians, Druze, Jews, and Muslims -- with the support of women globally.

Join us as we continue to build trust through activities where Israelis and Palestinians can experience the reality of peace and unity -- and bring the message to their communities that we do have a partner for peace.

U.S. tax deductible donation can be made to TRUST - Emun through CRT – Center for Religious Tolerance by writing a check to CRT with “TRUST” written in the memo line of your check. Checks should be sent to:

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We value and rely on your love, prayers, support, friendship and participation in building trust and mutual understanding.


Elana Rozenman