Peace Song Festival

1 February 2011
A peace song festival was celebrated on January 29, 2011 at Khurampura Colony Khanewal. Local Muslim and Christian artists participated along with a large number of Christian and Muslim audience and media representatives. Program started with the prayer of peace by Ms. Saiqa Irshad. Mr. Shahzad Francis Project Coordinator, BETHAK introduced the audiences with on going activities of BETHAK including Interfaith Dialogue for establishing peace and harmony between Christian and Muslim communities in district Khanewal. He further explained that our culture activities become a source of bringing people of all faiths together and blended as people of same culture. He also dedicated peace song festival in commemoration of late Mr. Mehboob Sada for his humanitarian services for promoting culture of peace. Later on a prayer of internal rest in peace was sad for the soul of Mr. Sada. Mr. Francis Jacob Director BETHAK stressed his point that the exiting violence and injustice in our society can be eradicated by creating a spirit of acceptance for people of all religions who are created in the image and likeness of the same God as our creator. He stressed on the group of singers that they should come forward to assist BETHAK’s efforts for peace through their melodious voices and peace songs by turning hatred into love and acceptance of all as one people of God. Ustad Muhammad Hafeez a famous Classical singer of Khanewal explained their experience of the effects of Kafis of the Muslim Saints on the listeners which brought the people not only closer to God but closer to one another in spirit and mind. Mr. Naved Maan, Mr. Qamer David, Mr. Amir Sebastian, Ms. Saiqa Irsha, Mr. Yaqoob Sahotra, Dr. Akhatar Hussian, Zafar Ali expressed their thoughts on promoting of peace through such culture events. BETHAK considers the event of peace song festival a foundation stone to express God’s love for people by involvement in peace promoting efforts in a constructive way. 15 artists participated and entertained the audience not only with their melodious voices but also with a massage of peace, harmony and tolerance in Christian Muslim perspective. This program of peace song festival lasted for four hours. It not only provided recreation to the audience but also motivated them to join BETHAK in establishing peace and harmony between the communities in district Khanewal. Mr.Tahir Nasim of the Daily Jung, Rao. Sarwar of the Daily Express and Sajjid Bashir of the Daily Pakistan expressed their feelings of appreciation for BETHAK’s efforts to establish peace and harmony in district Khanewal and extended their full cooperation to high light the activities of BETHAK in the service of mankind. Click here to see a slide show. Shahzad Francis, Project Coordinator