Harmony: West meets East concert in West Bengal

5 February 2011, 2:57 AM
Ektaan WIHW West meets East.jpg

Today we had made an amazing history in local network of creating an opportunity where West meets East. Paul Livingstone from California, played Indian Sitar with local Santoor player Mr. Sibasis Chakraborty here in Asansol West Bengal through the celebration of Interfaith Harmony Week. Naru gopal Patra & Debasis Dubey accompnied on tabla.

This is the first time a cultural exchange program is taking place in small city under the promotional program of art and culture through the platform of URI.


URI is shining, brighter and brighter.

Cooperation Circles Involved

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"Our purpose is: to foster healing through music, art and culture; to create a communal platform of cross-cultural dialogue; to develop understanding among traditions through shared learning; and to aim for a peaceful, blissful community."