Global Clergy Association CC Interfaith Harmony Week event

17 February 2011
Global Clergy CC WIHW.jpg

On the auspicious occasion of UN Interfaith Harmony Week, the Global Clergy Association of Canada organized a prayer and peace talk of the spiritual leaders at Kabir Centre in Surrey on Sunday 6, 2011. The UN adopted a couple of resolutions earlier to highlight the need of global initiatives to enhance the mutual understanding and respect among diverse faiths and religions. The General Assembly’s resolution, 53/243 of September 13,1999 adopts the programs related to the culture of peace, 57/6 of November 4, 2002 promotes the culture of peace and non-violence, 64/164 of December 18,2009 proclaims the elimination of all forms of intolerance and discrimination based on religion or belief and in the Plenary Session of the 65th General Assembly of UN, on October 20,2010 in New York, a resolution was adopted to have the Interfaith Harmony Week in the first week of February every year. Actually this noble idea was advanced by the H M King Abdullah II of Jordan.

The UN General Assembly acknowledges the moral imperatives of all religions call for peace, tolerance and mutual respect. It recognizes that mutual understanding and antireligious dialogue are essential for the promotion of culture of peace. It encourages to all social, political and religious organizations and governments too to support and publicize this IHW.

These various spiritual leaders such as Rev. David Spencer 0f Christian faith,G.C.Singhai of Jain, Rev.Tse Wong of Buddhism, Giani G.S.Kotli of Sikh,Acharya S.P.Dwivedi of Hindu and Dr.J.Das of Kabir Panth prayed for the global peace and religious harmony. The leaders emphasized that this kind of interfaith celebration is certainly going to create respect, harmony and trust among the followers of diverse beliefs and religious traditions. Dr.J.Das welcomed the guests and all the members of the congregation with the coordinator of the event Acharya Dwivedi repeated this peace statement:

“May people of diverse religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions live in harmony and peace ”.