Volunteering for Peace Celebration of Global Harmony Week

18 February 2011

Volunteering for Peace CC in Palestine and as part of its Celebration of Global Harmony Week organized a visit to the Cave Dwellers village which its local inhabitants live in Caves. The visit included 15 American students 10 other members of Volunteering for Peace CC in Palestine. the visit included a filed visit to the cave dwellers followed with an open discussion with them about different interfaith topics. Many of the American students are from a religion major in the United states who directed most of their questions in this regards. The American students were hosted in an organized program with Volunteering for Peace for 5 days in the city of Hebron which included a visit to the religious places (Abraham Mosque and the Russia Orthodox Church) and other interfaith sites. The visit followed with a visit to an Italian peace organization situated in Twani village in Hebron, who is doing Peace mission in Palestine in which the group asked various questions about their work in Palestine. 


In the evening a round table discussion took place about Interfaith work in Palestine, chaired by Tareq Altamimi, Volunteering for Peace CC coordinator and URI Global Council Trustee who provided a presentation about United Religions Initiative (URI) and a discussion was made about interfaith work in the Middle East and North Africa region specially in Palestine. 


The discussion was interesting and included different interesting discussion. he Global Harmony week was part of the discussion and the participants sent their greetings to all other URI ccs around the world, the other interfaith organizations and the United Nations for accepting this week. attached are photos from the event


Tareq Altamimi

Volunteering for Peace CC