Indian "Independence Day" observed

17 August 2011

On the 15th August  Ektaan Cooperation Circle of Eastern India observed the Indian Independence Day by organizing one day soccer tournament among its members, affiliated groups and members from other organization, to observed the Indian Independence day on the 15th August. Members from Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, seniors and Youngsters played together to celebrate this day.

We started the game with our national anthem and remembering the dedication of the great ones and realizing the moment of 15th August 1947 when Indian announces its freedom from the British rule. More than 40 Players participated in 4 teams, each team with 10 players and many other guests attended the event, It was very much a reunion among each other and through the spirit of the sports the gap of the generation being easily fulfilled.

At the end the value of such activities was realized and elders from the community thanks URI platform for promoting communal harmony in a good spirit.