Interfaith delegation to condemn mosque burning in West Bank

12 September 2011, 5:21 AM

Jerusalem Peacemakers CC organized a delegation of Jewish and Muslim leaders to show support for the Palestinian village of Qasra where a mosque was burnt and defaced by Jewish extremists. Leading the delegation was Sheikh Muhamad Usta al-Husseini from Jerusalem and peacemaker rabbi, Rabbi Menachem Froman. We were welcomed by vilalge dignitaries, who took us to the mosque to witness this desecration of G-d's name.

 Rabbi Froman who led the crowd, upset at the defacing of their village mosque, in chants of 'Allahu-Akbar', and calling for 'Salaam', one of Allah's names, which is Peace, to prevail.  We condemned this desecration, and showed a positive face of Jews, and even settlers, who came to show solidarity with the village. We were thanked by many in the village. 

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Jerusalem Peacemakers CC, coordinator

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