ALERT 1: Trustee Selection 2011-2012

14 October 2011

Dear CC Contact Persons,

Last week, URI Executive Director Charles Gibbs sent a message through the Contacts listserv alerting the URI community to the upcoming Trustee Selection Process.  If you missed it or do not participate in that email group, see below.

I am Mark Mancao, and I will be managing the overall Trustee Selection Process with the help of the URI global staff, expecially the coordinators in the regions.  Expect to see important reminders and updates from your Regional Coordinator and me throughout the process (October 2011 through July 2012).

Trustees support the whole URI community and develop resources to meet URI’s needs. For our growing global grassroots interfaith network, the Trustee Selection Process is one important way in which your local participation can lead to global transformation by putting forward our best, ready, willing and able leaders to serve on the URI Global Council.  

At the end of this month, the Trustee Selection website will be launched and you will receive an email alert like this one inviting you to go there and share the materials with all the members of your CC. During this first stage, your CC will:

  • Register that the CC is eligible to vote.
  • Vote on proposed amendments to the URI Bylaws
  • Nominate a qualified candidate (optional)

Each of these actions has a corresponding form.  All three forms are due by Friday, December 30, 2011.  In order to meet this due date, your CC will need to meet sometime in November or December to discuss the material and deliberate together. Two representatives of your CC will complete and submit the forms by email, fax or postal mail.

Here are the important dates you'll need at this time:

October 28, 2011: Trustee Selection website is launched, including the Guide to the Process, Certification Form, Nomination form, and also the Bylaws material and ballot.

November - December 2011: CCs review the material, schedule meetings, discuss and deliberate.  Each CC submits a completed Certification Form, a Bylaws Ballot and, if desired, a Nomination Form.

December 30, 2011: Final date for the URI Global Office to receive completed Certification, Nomination and Bylaws Ballot forms by midnight (UTC-GMT -8 hours).

January 5, 2012: Ballots for the Proposed Bylaw Amendments are counted.  

January 6, 2012: By e-mail to the CC contact persons, notification of the status of the Proposed Bylaw Amendments is sent and CC eligibility is confirmed.

March - May 2012: The election stage.

June 1, 2012: Election results are announced by e-mail and on the web.

July 2012: Installation of the 2012-2015 Global Council.


To me, URI's bold experiement in global governance is as fascinating and exciting as it sounds. I hope you will share my enthusiasm and engage all the members of your CC in the Trustee Selection Process.  I'm looking forward to seeing as many eligible CCs participate as possible.


Mark Mancao


From: Charles Gibbs

Date: Friday, October 7, 2011 12:13:03 PM

Subject: [uri-contacts] Celebration and an IMPORTANT CC ALERT

Dear Friends,

Greetings of love and peace. 

First, I want to share my excitement that three extraordinary women leaders – Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman of Yemen – have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their work on women's rights.

Then I want to alert you to the upcoming process where CCs around the world will elect Trustees for URI’s next Global Council and vote on bylaw amendments put forward for your approval by the current Global Council. You’ll receive more information about this in the coming weeks.

Right now I want to urge you to plan ahead and schedule a meeting of your CC for sometime in the second half of November or in December so your CC can participate in this important process.

The purpose of the Global Council is to support URI members in making real the vision and values of URI’s Preamble, Purpose, and Principles and to develop financial and other resources to meet the needs of URI. 

A highly functioning, diverse Global Council with essential experience and expertise is critical to URI’s long term sustainability and impact in the world. So, your thoughtful participation in this process is important. 

Your thoughtful consideration of the proposed amendments to the URI Bylaws is also important. The Global Council will present these proposed amendments to you with their recommendation for your approval. 

I want to thank all CC contact persons for taking the initiative to schedule a CC meeting now so your CC’s voice can be heard in this important part of URI’s life as a global community. 

I also want to thank URI staff around the world and the current GC trustees for your efforts to help this process be effective and in keeping with URI highest values.

I pray this finds you all well and look forward to sharing this important process with all of you.