ALERT 4: LINKS: Trustee Selection 2011-2012

11 November 2011

Dear CC Contact Persons,

In a recent conference call with the Regional Coordinators, I was glad to hear that some Cooperation Circles are already beginning to meet and engage with the Trustee Selection and Proposed Bylaw Amendments materials.  

This week I want to remind you of the links to the website in three languages, where you will find all that you need to participate at this time.

If you would like to download the PDF files directly from this email, you can right-click (Mac users: command + click) the following links and choose to save each file to your computer.

When you meet as a CC during November and December, remember to discuss the these materials and your CC’s responsibilities for this stage of the process.  Then, decide if your CC is eligible to vote, supports the proposed changes to the URI Bylaws and if you want to nominate a candidate.  Plan to complete and submit the three forms before December 30, 2011.

Finally, here are some questions that have emerged over the past week and their responses:

  • Our CC is new (or has certified in the past).  Do we have to complete the Certification Form in order to participate?
    Yes. All CCs that were approved before October 28, 2011, should complete the Certification Form to be eligible to vote.
  • We don't know if or how we will have the opportunity to learn about the candidates. How can we make an informed decision?
    The Election Packet that will be available on March 2, 2012 will include your nominees' biographies and vision statements.  These will also be on the website. CCs can contact the candidates directly.  Candidates can contact the CCs directly. The region may choose to create other opportunities to get to know the candidates (conference calls, online forums, etc.).  All communication should reflect the spirit of URI as expressed in the Preamble, Purpose and Principles.
  • How should we submit the completed forms?
    Any way you can! After you complete the forms, you can scan and email them to [email protected] as instructed on the forms. You can fax them and send them by postal mail, too. In some regions, the Regional Coordinator/Contact might also be able to collect the forms and submit them for you. The important thing is to have the forms completed by two members of your CC and that they are submitted by December 30, 2011

If there are other questions you don't find answered in the guide, please be sure to send them to me or to your regional contact so that it can be helpful to the whole community. Again, let me know that you have read all the way through this message by clicking here.

Mark Mancao