Reminder: Trustee Selection 2011-2012

6 December 2011

Dear CC Contact Persons,

Thank you to all the CCs that have submitted forms! We still have a long way to go, and I look foward to receiving more completed forms over the next few weeks. Thank you also to the global URI staff for the great work in reaching out to the CCs. 

I'm a little beind in sending confirmation emails to all the CCs that sent their forms, but I should be caught up in the next day or so. By Thursday, if I have not confirmed that your forms have been received, please let me know.

I received a couple of requests for the materials in a format other than PDF, so I created plain text versions of the materials which you can download using the following links. You will be able to open these in Word or any other text editor or word procession program.

To use the plain text versions of the forms, copy the text of the into the body of an email, complete the requested information, then send the email to another member of your CC AND to [email protected]. Do this for each form separately.

Lastly, a couple of CCs have wondered if the forms could be completed on the computer. The short answer is no, unless you use the method of copying and pasting the plain text into the body of an email. Because the forms require 2 members of the CC to sign, the PDF forms really need to be printed, completed by each CC member and then mailed or scanned/emailed.

Thank you!

Mark Mancao


Links and Downloads: