Forms Due Dec 30: Trustee Selection 2011-2012

20 December 2011

Dear CC Contact Persons,

There are just 10 days remaining before the due date for the Trustee Selection and Proposed Bylaws Amendments forms on Friday, December 30. Thanks to all the CCs that have submitted their forms already. This is a gentle reminder for those CCs that have not submitted their forms. Many of you will be celebrating holidays during this time, so please do not delay in sending your forms or reaching out to your Regional Coordinator and other contacts for help with being on time.

Here's an update of the responses from the regions:

  • AFRICA - 2 Certified CCs, 1 Nominee
  • ASIA - 37 Certified CCs, 0 Nominees
  • EUROPE - 3 Certified CCs, 0 Nominees
  • LATIN AMERICA - 9 Certified CCs, 4 Nominees
  • MENA - 5 Certified CCs, 2 Nominees
  • MULTI-REGION - 1 Certified CCs, 0 Nominees
  • NORTH AMERICA - 6 Certified CCs, 1 Nominee
  • SEAPAC - 2 Certified CCs, 2 Nominees

In these last days of the first stage of the process, I want to encourage all CCs to particiapte in this important process that will determine the leadership of URI in the coming years. Please use the links below to read the materials and download the forms to print, complete and send.

Thank you!

Mark Mancao


Links and Downloads: