URI Trustee Selection: Bylaws Results, Nominees and Certified CCs

6 January 2012

Dear URI Community,

After several days of organizing and recording every form that was received, I'm happy to share with you the results of the Bylaws Ballots and the lists of nominees and certified CCs. Please let me know if you notice any errors or have questions.

Have a good weekend!Mark

Global Council Continuity Results: 

  • 236 Certified CCs of 528
  • 139 voted YES in favor of the Global Council Continuity bylaw changes
  • 27 voted NO in opposition to the Global Council Continuity bylaw changes
  • 0 wrote "abstain"
  • 8 left the section blank but submitted a form
  • 62 did not submit the form
  • The URI Bylaws will be changed to: 
    • Extend the standard trustee term from three to four years and reduce the maximum number of consecutive terms from three to two.
    • Create staggered terms so that one half of the elected GC trustees (four regions) is elected every two years.
    • Eliminate right of outgoing GC to appoint three trustees to new GC.

Cumulative Voting Results: 

  • 236 Certified CCs of 528
  • 99 voted YES in favor of the Cumulative Voting bylaw change
  • 63 voted NO in opposition to the Cumulative Voting bylaw change
  • 1 wrote "abstain"
  • 11 left the section blank but submitted a form
  • 62 did not submit the form
  • The URI Bylaws will be changed to replace cumulative voting with a one-vote-per-candidate voting.* (Note: the URI Standing Committee and Global Staff arer consulting legal counsel to determine if this change is actually passed.)

What's next for the URI Bylaws? The changes are passed by a majority of certified CCs. Our attorney will make the changes to the official URI Bylaws, effective immediately.


The lists of nominees may get shorter if nominees withdraw for any reason.

Africa - 8 Nominees

  1. Deborah Ajai
  2. Bishop Ochola Baker
  3. Rattan Channa
  4. Evans Ishuga Kinavuli
  5. Bishop Samuel Lubogo
  6. HH Dr. Angali Musinde
  7. His Grace John Baptist Odama
  8. Hon. Elisha Buba Yero

Asia - 3 Nominees

  1. Zubair Ahmed Farooq
  2. Ravindra Kandage
  3. Nasir Mehmood Saleemi

Europe - 5 Nominees

  1. Kiran Bali
  2. Marianne Horling
  3. Elisabeth Lheure
  4. Lars Silén
  5. Ari van Buren

Latin America and the Caribbean - 7 Nominees

  1. Ciro Gabriel Avruj
  2. Genivalda Cravo
  3. Gerardo González
  4. Alejandrino Quispe Mejia
  5. David Limo Pajar
  6. Enoé Texier
  7. Francisco Morales Ventosa

Middle East and North Africa - 7 Nominees

  1. Shlomo Alon
  2. Tareq Altamimi
  3. Nour Nahleh
  4. El Hammoumi Naoufal
  5. Haitham Nassar
  6. Sherif Awad Rizk
  7. Ashraf Samir

Multi-Region - 6 Nominees

  1. Vrajapati Das
  2. Peter Dziedzic
  3. Patrick Nickisch
  4. Heidi Rautionmaa
  5. Jonathan Rose
  6. Audri Scott Williams

North America - 5 Nominees

  1. Leila Al-Imad
  2. Michael Pappas
  3. Anne Roth
  4. Rebecca Tobias
  5. Osama Wazan

Southeast Asia and the Pacific - 3 Nominees

  1. Ros Sam An
  2. Musa Sanguila
  3. Jessiee Kaur Singh

What's next for the nominees? Nominees will be interviewed to prepare for the election stage, and the voting packets will be created for each region. The election stage officially begins on March 2.


The lists of certified CCs may get longer because some forms came through our fax machine unclearly or I had trouble reading handwritten responses. If I receive replacement forms or clarifications from the CCs I requested directly, I'll be able to add those CCs to the list.

Africa - 18 Certified of 97 CCs

Asia - 88 Certified of 198 CCs

Europe - 18 Certified of 36 CCs

Latin America and the Caribbean - 22 Certified of 32 CCs

Middle East and North Africa - 27 Certified of 59 CCs

Multi-Region - 12 Certified of 24 CCs

North America - 32 Certified of 48 CCs

Southeast Asia and the Pacific - 19 Certified of 34 CCs

What's Next for the Certified CCs? Voting Packets will be made available for each region on March 2. Ballots are due by May 30.