URI Announces New Regional Coordinator for Latin America & the Caribbean

3 April 2012
Ms. Texier

URI is happy to announce the selection of Enoé Texier of Caracas, Venzuela as the new Regional Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Ms. Texier hopes to bring greater cooperation between existing CCs in the region through the development of shared strategies, while at the same time growing new CCs in countries where there are none.  She is particularly skilled in her ability to integrate indigenous cosmovisiopn into her sense of growth for the region and her desire to build stronger bridges between the Latin American region and greater URI community.

Ms. Texier is an Anthropologist and PhD in Social Sciences, professor at the Central University of Venezuela, and lecturer and adviser on the national and international level. She has focused her research on the new holistic paradigm of "science with a conscience" and has a great deal of experience as coordinator and facilitator of educational programs aimed at finding inner peace and building peace in the mind for developing brain potential and our capabilities to live together in harmony.


Since June 2000, Ms. Texier has led the Venezuelan Cooperation Circle for Dialogueand the Luis Dolan Chair, as its academic body at the university.  The CC for Dialogue brings together representatives of different spiritual traditions, including artists and scientists, with activities of prayer, meditation, meetings, workshops, forums, movies and rituals toward the promotion of the interreligious and intercultural dialogue and the culture of peace.

Ms. Texier was also co-founder in México (1996) of the Inter American Council on Indian Spirituality (CISEI) and was  Chair during the triennium 2007-2010. Among her publications one of the most well-known is “Understanding Networks” (1999).