In Southern Nevada, Mussie Hailu Champions Proclamation of Golden Rule

29 March 2013

Ambassador Hailu met with members of the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada CCon March 20 to discuss his experience building trust, promoting harmony and overcoming the fear of the unknown through the promotion of the Golden Rule.

“The meeting was an excellent opportunity to establish a working partnership, share best practices and learn from each other, especially on how the Golden Rule is being used in diverse communities across the globe,” Mussie said.   “From the meeting, the Board of IFCSN has been inspired to take concrete actions to promote the Golden Rule in Southern Nevada.”  

Those actions include asking area mayors to sign a Golden Rule Proclamation, and to use the Golden Rule as a way to promote interfaith and intercultural peaceful co-existence.  They also included the development of elder councils throughout southern Nevada and the establishment of an annual event, Golden Rule Day, on April 5.

The group also agreed to celebrate Sept. 21 as the International Day of Peace and the second week of February as World Interfaith Harmony Week.

Mussie also met with Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman and members of the City Council, addressing them on the theme of “Dialogue with Faith Leaders” and asking them to celebrate Golden Rule Day in Las Vegas.

“The celebration of the Golden Rule will help to build bridges of understanding, trust and respect among followers of different religions and diverse cultural groups while also creating synergy within the larger Southern Nevada community and the rest of the world,” Mussie said.

Members of the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada are dedicated to promoting mutual understanding, respect, appreciation and cooperation among people of various faith and cultural communities in Southern Nevada and in the world as a whole by appreciating the sacred, extending hospitality, offering educational opportunities, encouraging compassionate leadership, sharing in service and working for justice.