Communication Campaign

9 December 2013

Communication Campaign

“Protecting Minority Groups from Mob Violence in District Khanewal”

BETHAK-Pakistan launches a communication campaign on protecting minority groups from mob violence in Khanewal. To make this campaign successful, orientation meeting on the subject cited above was conducted by BETHAK on 3rdDecember 2013 at Sannat Zaar, Khnaewal. People from all walks of life were invited to attend the meeting.  After the recitation of Holy Quran and Holy Bible, the participamts introduces themselves to one another. The panel for discussion was also introduced to the audience. Mr. Shahzad Francis head of programs of BETHAK explained in detail the main features of communication campaign launched by BETHAK in collaboration with Internews. In the beginning a video documentary prepared by Interactive Resource Centre on the incident of Gojra was shown about the dangers of mob violence and its affects of the socio-economic loss along with the loss of lives. Mr Shahzad explained in detail different features of mob and the elements responsible for forming mob such as groups and groups’ Turing into crowd of different types. He further explained in detail the flash point factors of mob and types of mob such as aggressive mobs, escape mob and acquisitive mob. Such mobs are instilled with a purpose, willing to risk arrests, injury, death and destruction.

A penal discussion was made alive through participation of all the members of the panel and the audiencs were motivated to know the salient features of mob violence. Mr. Aamir Hussaini columnist daily Khabren continued the topic and explained the factors responsible for conflict among communities and how the third party adds fuel to fire. Mr. Imtaiz Ali Asad Editor Weekly Shabo Roz appreciated the noble cause of the campaign and offered the services of his weekly newspaper to promote this campaign’s noble cause of awareness on peaceful living. Syed Hussain Shah of SPO, highlighted the loss of lives and property caused by mob violence increasing prejudices among communities.

Mr. Shams-ul-Qamar Khan Secretary Information PPPP, Khanewal district appreciated this campaign launched at grass root level because the poor economic condition and jobless situation not only promotes restlessness among the communities but also makes them an easy prey of extremist groups to be used for their ill-intension. Mr. Cecil Paul and Mr. Daniel Pater stressed violence, prejudices and discrimination is a result of the hate speeches that some extremist groups make to people at grass root level. Efforts should be made to include such groups so that they should also be brain washed through observation of Christian-Muslim unity at such meetings meetings.

Questions about this campaign were asked and answered by panel of Mr. Francis Jacob, Mr. Aamir Hussaini, Mr. Cecil Paul and Mehr Hakim Nol DSP Legel Khanewal. Proposal for establishment of Interfaith Early Alarm Peace Committee (IEAP) and the designs of the posters for campaign were also discussed in the meeting. 15 ladies and 21 gents both Muslim-Christians attended the meeting.