Celebration of HR-Day

13 December 2013

Celebration of World Human Rights Day

BETHAK arranged a ceremony to celebrate World Human Rights Day in collaboration with AAP, URI and REAT on 10 December 2013. Mr. Shahzad Francis Program Coordinator of BETHAK briefed the audience with the basic human rights in the light of the articles of UN Human Rights Charter. Some questions were asked and further explanation of the articles satisfied the audience. Mr. Shahzad Francis expressed that our rights stands for our needs which are to be met as a special regard to our human nature. These rights if they are provided in a prudent way, to every individual it would promote peace, harmony and a spirit of trust in the society.

Mr. Hussain program specialist SPO, Mr. Akram Hiraj, Mrs Razina, Mr. Akhtar Hussain, Mr, Imtaiz Asad, and Mr. Imran urged youth to strengthen peace and democracy and resist violence of human rights to make Pakistan a peaceful and prosperous country. They also spoke about the plight of women and said that the women must be given preference in the field of education so that they may be able to get more information about their vested rights as a respectable citizen of the society.

At the end Ustad Yaqoob Sahotra and Babar Lahori entertained the audience with their melodious voices on peace.