Celebration of Women's Day 2015

18 March 2015

A seminar on the International Women’s Day was conducted by BETHAK organization on the UN theme “Empowering women - Empowering humanity”. People from all walks of life and communities attended the seminar. Francis Jacob Doctor BETHAK spoke about the role of women as leader in building a peace loving society. He told further that a peace loving society can only be established if the women are engaged in spiritual warfare and must be concerned to work for the defeat of existing evil of hatred and prejudices. He further said that women of all races and ethnicities all over the world had fought their freedom and this struggle was evident from women’s movements in world history.

Rozina Parveen a famous social & political worker addressed audience and told them how necessary it was; women’s involvement in political affairs so that they could raise their voices against the injustice faced by women in a male dominated society. The women of our society could attain their goals by the participation in the political affairs at Union Council. For this purpose they would have to get themselves registered as a member in any political party of their choice. She further stated that the political parties have their responsibility not to offer membership to only to women but also assign women some political responsibilities at UC level, so that these women may play on effective role at grass root level to provide women political awareness and guidance to become a useful political leaders in the forth coming local body elections.

Mr. Aamir Hussaini, Nadeem Najid, Victoria Khursheed, Syed Karar Haider, Syed Basit Shah, Sharifan Bibi, Abida Aslam, Shafia Locus, Raazia Aslam, and Shahzad Francis also explained that Male domination and subordination of women are the underlying tenants of the country's social structure. Men have the economic control and therefore are the decision makers. Women's lives are dominated by a highly restricted social structure. Although women contribute to the family, often their efforts are not valued. They further said that respect for diversity and for diverse forms of social and cultural expression and identity must guide all human rights principles; equally important is the recognition of the dignity and worth of women as full human beings. Social development can only be achieved by equal participation and involvement of both the male and female sections of the society.

At end proposals and resolutions on participation of women in social & political affairs were presented in the houses which were unanimously approved by the audience.