Earth Celebration in the Netherlands

11 August 2015
NetherlandsEarthValues-Slide (1).jpg

"Values for the Future of the Earth," part of Prof. Dr. Klaas van Egmond's presentation

On the 28th of June, we worked together with several inter-religious organisations to celebrate The Earth (Vier de Aarde / "Celebrate Earth"). The United Religions Initiative was an important partner. See the following YouTube film, in which I'm telling about the day. I speak about URI and what we try to bring in the world, and what the day is bringing.

Prof. Dr. Klaas van Egmond (author of “A Way of Civilization”) gave the introduction with a very nice presentation. Next, Morgana Sythove, a member of URI Steering Committee Netherlands Cooperation Circle and member of the International Pagans Federation, introduced an outdoor Earth Ritual.

There were also workshops with a Buddhist vision, a Sufi and an humanistic vision. Also, there was a workshop with Eurythmy. Very special was an evening Eurythmy Performance entitled “Earth, O Earth." Between the afternoon and night program, ISKCON participants offered an ayurvedic meal.

Visitors of several traditions were very enthusiastic about the day.