Peace of Mind, Body Soul for an Ultimate World Peace

30 August 2015


Members - Twelve

Greetings to all of you my dear friends of Mahadevi puja and and the two days of "world peace" of this month.

                                                                    The way of hearts,

                                                                     the clear pathway,

                                                                     opening the doors,

                                                                     of the new one way.

                                                                                                  Physics is so physical,

                                                                                                  vapourizing the gems,

                                                                                                   the soul is crying,

                                                                                                   for every human call.

                                                              Listen to the heart,

                                                              listen to the soul,

                                                               let sing the rhythm,

                                                                with every living being.

Let's come together,

forgetting who or whether,

lighten up again,

let the darkness go away,

forever and ever.

Whatever is going on, in this present situation is not bearable any more, our hearts are all filled with sadness. Peace is necessary for all humankind to accept with mind, body and soul, so that we can come together in unity and in harmony of love to get wise and worthy enough to be in civilization to live like whole humans again. As a citizen of this world  and a fellow human being of Mother Earth, I have signed the "World Peace Treaty" given to us for the first time to decide wisely, for the sake of humanty, to not sustain this chaos and madness, with two witnesses. You can have your part of responsibly and find the "World Peace Treaty" document. Please, kindly check out.

From chaos and darkness towards light and enlightment. 

Thank you

With Love 

Shweta Anwar