Celebration of International Day of PEACE 2015

23 September 2015

BETHAK organization, Khanewal conducted a dialogue meeting on the International Day for Peace on partnership for peace and dignity for all. Francis Jacob, Roshan Sikandar, Pervez John, David Qamar, Burhan Chuadary and Cecil Paul advised the participants to be the torch bearers of peace by playing respect to all who live with in their social circle.

They said that peace can be restored in our society if our people learn to live in peace and harmony with one another and especially they should work regularly for the establishment of peace in their country and in their homes. They stressed upon the values of tolerance and love for all so that they would lead our people to become ambassadors of peace and harmony and they should learn to keep themselves away from the occasions of clashes, disputes and enmity.

Shahzad Francis of BETHAK organization said that we should start the peace activities with in our families by educating our children about sustainable peace through their social, moral, political and positive formation. He also requested the educational policy makers that they should include the topics of peace and human rights education in the curriculum at all stages of education. In the end the participants enlightened the peace candles so that the community may get out of the darkness of selfishness and learn to walk in the light of peaceful understanding and integrity of other people around them. 


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