Cooperation Circle Offers Interfaith Ministry Study Program

3 February 2016

The Unity-and-Diversity World Council Cooperation Circle is proud to run an interfaith ministry program.  

The Unity-and-Diversity Ministry Program is a one-to-three-year program of study that covers the world's religions and a number of spiritual groups, plus the relation of science and religion. It also covers the practical aspects of ministry training in terms of counseling, sermon giving, conducting marriage and funeral services, child dedication (baptism), and the like. The program lasts a minimum of one year, and likely a maximum of three years, depending on the qualifications of the candidate.

The program can be done online for those not in the greater Los Angeles area. The purpose of the program is to prepare candidates for a number of different kinds of ministries, such as serving an interfaith congregation, counseling, teaching, or some form of social service.

The cost of the program is $35 registration and $35/session for the length of the program, with the same amount for the ordination. Being ordained makes the candidate eligible for performing the various ministerial services such as weddings and funerals.

The name of the school is UDC School for Interfaith Ministry. We also have a Unity-and-Diversity Ministers Association, which meets periodically to improve the program and to provide support for the ministers. For further information about the ministry training or to apply, contact the school at 424-228-2087 or email us at [email protected].