Preventing Bloodshed Over Monastery Struggle

23 March 2016, 4:40 PM
group photo

The monks in front of the bulldozer

I'm happy to inform you that the Council of Arakhna (Elders) and Wise in Egypt (ECAW)’s campaign to defend the Coptic monks in front of all the media and security forces connected to the government has attracted a lot of supporters. We are opposing the construction of a national road which would destroy an ancient monastery. Our suggestion is to build an alternate road instead, which will not only save the monastery and monastic life, but will save 50 million Egyptian pounds.

I'm so honored to tell you that one of the supporters was a great Egyptian Muslim scholar and a very good friend of mine. Prof. Dr. Louay Mahmoud Saied, professor of Coptic architecture and member of the official committee organised by the Egyptian government to evaluate the situation, has shown solidarity with our strong stand.

Unfortunately, the official government plan is not cancelled yet. Father Polos Elrayani is still under custody, and the officials declared that he may suffer a 30-year imprisonment because of crimes related to resisting the national plan to build the road. The monks are awaiting security forces’ arrival at any moment and the vast majority of Copts are afraid of bloodshed once again; another Masepero's massacre, God forbid. ECAW is doing every faithful effort to prevent this horrible scenario.

Pray for Us,

In peace and justice,

Mina Thabet