URI Network in Action

5 April 2016

The URI network in action: Yogi Deva Raj of Atma Darsana Yoga CC in Bangalore, India, recently visited Hope In Life Foundation (a URI Multi-Region Cooperation Circle based in California, USA). This is one example of the inspiration and collaboration that can occur as members of the URI family continue to strengthen the global network.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the down-to-earth and KARM Yoga Guru, Deva Raj yesterday. I find his yoga program for families perfect for the world's current needs. It's based on 'respect' in every relationship: couples, parents, child-parent, parent-child, wife-husband, husband-wife. Simple and easy to practice in our daily lives. Lack of respect within families has led to disgruntled children taking on the war path.

If you recall, I had shared about 'peace within families' at the Parliament of World's Religions. Deva Raj's program is exactly along those lines with a KARM YOGA angle. KARM literally means ACTION, the act of 'doing'. His program teaches us how to lead a good life through our actions, showing respect through our actions. Personally I believe, if we practice this type of Yoga, we will be able to end terrorism. Terrorism is the KARM of warped minds and the source most often is dysfunctional families.

I am impressed by the work Deva Raj is doing other than walking for 7 months (2772 Km or 1722.4 miles) from the southern most tip of India, Kanyakumari to New Delhi - a walk that transformed his life! That walk was his KARM that changed him forever. 

Rupsi Burman

Hope In Life Foundation