Official Launch of the GrowKashi Campaign!

6 May 2016
kashi poster

In March, 2016, Kashi Foundation Cooperation Circle officially launched the GrowKashi Campaign!

The website is live and ready for the world to see, so that many more people may join us in our mission to create a more sustainable and prosperous Kashi, while fulfilling our higher mission to awaken a radical awareness about our spiritual selves and the issues that face the world today. 

The GrowKashi Campaign is intended to strengthen and communicate Kashi’s message of unconditional love and the sacred nature of all spiritual paths, in an effort to serve, inspire and educate people from around the world. The community, infrastructure, and enterprise-building initiatives proposed by Grow Kashi are sweeping in their scope and impact, and are supported by both long-time community members and the increasing number of “next-generation members” who have returned to the fold. We invite you to join our community and collaborate with us in crafting a vibrant future!