URI Europe's Monthly Proverb

10 June 2016, 12:06 PM

A gentle reminder from URI Europe to listen with our eyes and our ears!

URI Europe Proverb June 2016   

"Hello, how are you? Are you fine? - Yes, and you? - Yes, yes, I am fine too."

And...moving on.

For the attentive spectator, this small talk is more than just words. That handshake and welcome kiss are the expression of the desire to preserve the quality of our social and family life. But at the same time, we can perceive something in the look of the other person. The words "I am fine" can hide a lot. Behind those words can be a story of loneliness, pain, suffering, or loss. The glance of the other person can reveal something in the blink of an eye while saying simple words of greeting.

"We have to meet when we have more time."

This is exactly what anyone needs of you. Time. A listening ear. The healing power of a meeting is great when we are prepared to make time and listen. We possess not only the power to make a connection. We also have the possibility to give each other real hope. 

Every question is one of love. 

No person is a solitary being. People want to be loved. In essence that is what it is all about. A person in need wants to be supported, wants to be comforted and does not want to be alone, if only for a moment. We need each other in order to know who we are and to give meaning to our life. To be heard gives us the support we need in order to reconnect with oneself and one's environment. When taking care of each other we touch, comfort and fulfil much more than we possibly think. 

URI Europe wants to continue its efforts to give time and attention to listening to the real story because remember: “With your ears, you see more.”



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