11 Days of Global Unity: Moving from Vision to Action!

14 June 2016, 11:38 AM

URI has partnered with The Shift Network for the 11 Days of Global Unity Summit. This week-and-a-half long event features changemakers like URI Multiregion Trustee Audri Scott Williams, and URI Representative to the United Nations Monica Willard. Read more about the Summit and how to participate below.



It’s pretty easy to be discouraged when we watch the news and hear about global unrest. However, today, we want to provide a different perspective...

We believe that as a human race, we already have what it takes to transform our world — including the will, intelligence, resources, heart and leadership to heal our planet! 

A number of these leaders are coming together for 11 Days of Global Unity Summit — and we want you to join us!

We're honored to be be presenting among many brilliant changemakers including Jane Goodall, Neale Donald Walsch, Tavis Smiley, Monica Willard, Audri Scott Williams and others — who are making meaningful progress on critical issues including the environment, health, human rights, women’s equality, economic justice and peace, to name a few.

11 Days of Global Unity Summit is really a celebration of what’s working in the world. How refreshing is that?!

We hope you’ll join us along with our extraordinary lineup of global peacebuilders!


Free Online Event

11 Days of Global Unity

September 11 -21, 2016


11 Days of Global Unity is a free online event produced by The Shift Network in partnership with We, the World as part of the 5th annual Summer of Peace — the largest online peace event on the planet!

Every day will be a unique celebration with powerful talks on how peace is unfolding across 11 major areas of society, forming a blueprint for global transformation.

You’ll get a daily dose of positive, uplifting stories that will renew your faith in humanity and give you hope for the future of our planet… helping you recognize the inherent goodness in the world and how our collective light can overcome any darkness we might face as a global family.  


  • September 11:­ Unity
  • September 12:­ Interdependence
  • September 13:­ Environment
  • September 14:­ Economic Justice
  • September 15:­ Health
  • September 16:­ Children And Youth
  • September 17:­ Women
  • September 18:­ Human Rights
  • September 19:­ Freedom
  • September 20:­ Disarmament
  • September 21:­ Peace



Plus, you’ll discover practical insights and skills that can uplift your family, friends, neighborhoods, community and the world beyond!

We hope you’ll join us for this extraordinary FREE online event presented by The Shift Network.  

RSVP here for 11 Days of Global Unity — at no charge: https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/11dURI/a15652/

Join a global community of pro­active peacebuilders who are taking positive steps to create a more peaceful, united world that works for all!

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