French administration recognizes the Philanthropic General Interest character of URI CC EIFRF.

13 July 2016

Last year, European Interreligious Forum for Religious Freedom (EIFRF), a URI CC since 2013, requested the French fiscal administration to grant EIFRF the status of "pursuing an aim of philanthropic general interest". This status in France allows the donators to deduct 66% of the amount of their donations from their annual taxes, due to the public benefit of the organization which is considered as such. The criteria are very strict, but we were adamant on the fact that EIFRF meets them.

The French fiscal administration refused to grant this status in December 2015.

So EIFRF appealed that decision before a special college of the French fiscal administration. EIFRF President has been heard by the college in April, in plenary session, to explain the reasons why EIFRF was challenging the first decision.

EIFRF received the final decision of the college today*, and it won!

French administration granted EIFRF the requested status, so EIFRF is now recognized as pursuing an aim of philanthropic general interest, tax exempted as well as able to have its donators deducting their donations from their annual taxes.

Here is an excerpt of the decision:

"Acting in particular to enhance tolerance between believers of different religions and between believers and atheists, and in favor of peace, non-violence, dialogue of cultures and the meeting between religions, the philanthropic character of EIFRF can be recognized."  

* The decision is dated June 6, 2016