URI Horn of Africa’s roundtable with youth of Ali Sabieh, Djibouti

22 August 2016

As part of the promotion of peace and intercultural dialogue, URI Horn of Africa went to the regional council of Ali Sabieh to meet youth member associations and organized a roundtable debate on the role of youth in social development and the promotion of peace. The theme of the event was "The role of youth in socio-economic development and the promotion of peace". Young people from the following associations attended: Frères Unies, Allo Aska, Étudiants Solidaires, UJCD, and AJMS.

URI Horn of Africa’s regional coordinator Mahamoud Ahmed Sougueh opened with a presentation on URI, introducing its role, mission, and the need for and involvement of young people to strengthen sustainable development as a component of peace in the region.

Some agreed-on solutions to better organize or promote the activities of youth:


  1. Deciding an agenda that will be used to establish the actions planned by the young for the benefit of the youth of the region of Ali Sabieh. This will help collaboration efforts and structure progress.
  2. Establishing days of awareness and activism, such as a day dedicated to the city.  
  3. Involve different parts of the community to better carry out the message of social economic development and the promotion of peace.
  4. Strengthen cooperation between public institutions and young people by establishing a permanent dialogue between the representative(s) of the region and young people for a better impact.