URI India North Zone Debuts Ray of Hope Documentary

16 September 2016, 5:05 PM

Mahila Chetna Kendra CC in URI India’s North Zone presents Ray of Hope, a short documentary on their koshish, or endeavor, to cover an untold story of a woman, Veena Behen, who has worked tirelessly and fought against all odds to uplift women in her community. The documentary attempts to highlight the subtleties of the struggles women face in daily life in a small village with many limitations and obstacles.

The subjects of women empowerment and caste showcased in this documentary has been touted often on social media, but none of these attempts show the passion, determination, and most importantly hope of the village’s women. We sought to show how they fulfill their dreams as they subtly navigate the lines of ethnicity, religion, territory, and patriarchy.

What then is peace and happiness? What is it to face religious barriers and still strive to support women from all backgrounds in what empowerment means for them? What makes one women devote her entire life passionately to the development of a society which has been isolated for generations?

The questions are numerous, but we hope to provide some answers.

The India North Zone team hopes that this documentary inspires a more informed critical view of the status of women, the initiatives underway, and how best to support these efforts. Thank you regional team members, National Coordinator and Regional Coordinators, Rohini CC volunteer Veena Gaur, the production team, members of Mahila Chetna Kendra CC, and Computer Sikhsha for being a part of this endeavor.

In hope and peace,

The North Zone India team.

Written By

Regional Coordinator for URI-Asia: Afghanistan and India, North Zone