IDP Celebration of Planting 650 Mangrove Trees

22 September 2016

Our interfaith network in Kampot Province, Cambodia, planted 650 mangrove trees from the Forestry Officer and the community leader at Trapaeng Sangkae community. We brought together 95 participants (including 33 ladies) who were Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, students, and community members. We collaborated with the Kampot interfaith network, with the Department of Religion and Cults in Kampot, and with commune council members, district officers, religious leaders, and environmental officers jointly for this event. We also collaborated with a local volunteer youth group called Cambodian Youth Association in Cambodia and Japan.

As part of the Learning Forum for Peace and Development (LFPD), which is composed of five local organizations (ACT, CCFC, CYN, PBO, and PNKS), together we celebrated the International Day of Peace (IDP). IDP is a global celebration where individuals, communities, nations, and governments highlight efforts to end conflict and promote peace. LFPD organized the activities in their respective target areas/provinces in various parts of Cambodia, including Kampot, KamponSeu, Phrashvishear, and Prey Veng, to strengthen community peace, promote free, fair and peaceful elections, and enhance cooperation on peace issues. The LFPD members organized various activities to reflect on peace issues, with a special focus on the upcoming elections to reflect and respond to peacebuilding.

Mr. Nek Yettho, chief of the Department of Religion and Cults, said, "I am very happy to have participated in the International Day of Peace 21 September. Peace: it is really important for us and natural resources, because all of us are able to live by depending on nature. If we start destroying the nature around us, then the family, community, and society also start to lose peace, too. On behalf of DoRC in Kampot province; I encourage you all in the community together to take care of the community and continue take care of peace in the society in your community and to the whole world. Contributions of religions are also essential in peacebuilding because we educate people to do right, good deeds and love just peace."

See the video here.

people at the sea shore