Bringing Together Children of Different Religions

7 February 2017

COPE Pakistan Cooperation Circle has been working with URI Pakistan since 2014, bringing together communities of different religions, for the promotion of peace and interfaith harmony in Pakistan. COPE Pakistan Cooperation Circle celebrates International Days (such as the World Interfaith Harmony Week). We organized many programs with children, youth, women, religious and political leaders on peace, interfaith harmony, women’s empowerment, Interfaith prayers, and religious festivals. COPE Pakistan focuses on youth and children in the process of peace and interfaith harmony.

So every year, COPE Pakistan organizes a program on World Interfaith Harmony Week with interfaith communities including Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Sikh. We, together as a Pakistani nation, can promote peace and interfaith harmony.

This was a very important event for us, so we collaborated with other interfaith organizations including Catholic TV, Renala Cable Network, A.M Welfare Society, Catholic Church, Sunday Schools, Press Club, and Dost Ithad Organization.

Mr. Asher Nazir, Cooperation Circle coordinator of COPE Pakistan, welcomed all children and talked about World Interfaith Harmony Week. He said that, as humans, we should promote peace and harmony among all religions. “All children from all religions are the future of the nation, and you are the seeds of peace, and in the coming days you will be a big and strong tree of peace and harmony in the world.”

Teachers and students of Sunday school and the Coaching Center made colorful charts with positive images and symbols, and shared them in groups on peace and harmony. They said that we are the beautiful creation of the Lord and we can play our positive role with our families and friends, in school and in our society, to promote peace and interfaith harmony.

Mr. Asher Nazir thanked all the children and appreciated them for their wonderful participation and sharing in the celebration of World Interfaith Harmony Week 2017.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!