Building a Community Center for Cooperation Circles

27 February 2017, 7:10 AM

Inauguration of the new site

Namaste and greetings of peace from the Eastern part of India. It is a great joy to share photos and news about our ongoing, successful efforts to bring corporate support to our local groups. Today we have completed our first project of 2017: to rebuild a community center for our local groups (Cooperation Circles). India Power Corporation this year has agreed to support more than 10 groups of URI working for the following causes:

  1. Environment
  2. Women’s Initiatives 
  3. Children’s Education
  4. Health and Nutritional Programs 

All these issues are directly related to bringing interfaith communities together. This is because people of various faith traditions have to come together to address the burning challenges and needs of their society. The URI team in the eastern zone of India devotes quality time in culminating and bridging between resources and need, deepening the commitment of the community members towards positive and achievable tasks, and fostering youth leadership. 

Today, the Vice President of the India Power Corporation, Mr. Debasis Sarkar, inaugurated the center with his inspiring, humbled words in the presence of the Mayor in council, Mr. Laxman Thakur from Municipality Corporation. 

This cultural center, which is fully accessible to everyone, is dedicated to promoting the various artistic qualities of each individual, especially those who cannot afford otherwise to train themselves to be able to pursue an artistic career. It is committed to developing the social intellectuality of individuals irrespective of caste and religion.

Training will be available in forms of cultural activities related to music, theatre, singing, dancing, and painting, and also providing opportunities for self-expression, initiatives and cultural education.   

Thanking you all as we flourish with your blessings.


Biswadeb Chakraborty

Regional Coordinator, URI India, East Zone


Planting a tree at the new site

biswadeb-uri-gc-and-staff-generating-support-environment_Flag Hosting.jpg

Hoisting the flag




Vice President of the India Power Corporation, Mr. Debasis Sarkar, delivering his address