Peace School to Help Marginalized and Exploited Children

6 April 2017

In March 2017, with the support of Peace Center Lahore, COPE Pakistan CC opened the Peace School to provide basic education to marginalized and working children in Renala Khurd Okara.  Many children from different faiths attend this school and are getting an education.

Peace School for marginalized and working children is specifically designed to uplift those children who are working at vulnerable places as carpenters, auto workshops, and restaurants and as daily wages workers. The number of working children is increasing day by day. This is taking place due to poverty and unawareness. The future of these children is getting ruined in the streets and on the roads. As a result, their health is being affected. Due to the poisonous chemicals and smoke, they suffer from serious lung diseases, skin diseases, Tuberculosis and from Hepatitis B&C.

Education is a basic human right and an intensely moral enterprise. It is the best gift for humanity, as enunciated in all biblical revelations. Education is the most powerful, and the only tool for social and economic empowerment, widely recognized and respected around the globe. Universal access to basic education (and achievements of primary education worldwide) is one of the most important goals of Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

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