U-DAY Inter-spirituality Festival

6 April 2017, 3:55 PM
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The series of U-DAY inter-spirituality festival, beginning 2012, approaches India to culminate in New Delhi in 2019. On 18th March, 2017, URI North zone India, under the guidance of the URI India National Coordinator, joined hands with several major, faith-based organisations  and interfaith movements to celebrate and showcase the extraordinary diversity of human spirituality, as well as our shared passion for better connection and unity. We intend to achieve this through the power of popular music and spiritual ceremonies.

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Ben Bowler (Director World Weavers from Australia) and Yanni Maniates (International Coordinator, from USA) were the driving and unifying forces. They hosted a special meeting to “Convene the Conveners” for U-DAY INDIA 2019. The historic occasion was attended by Haji Syed Salman Chishty (Chishty Foundation), Lama Doboom Tulku Rinpoche (World Buddhist Culture Trust), Dr. Mohinder Singh (Bhai Veer Singh Sadan), and Dr. Darrol Bryant, along with several representatives from religious institutions, such as Sr. Aurobindo Ashram, Brahmakumari Ashram, Bahai Faith (Lotus temple), Vaishnava Tradition (Akshardham Temple) and several other well-known civil society activists and government officials. They will plan an event that will showcase India’s unique spiritual resources to the world and progress the cause for global spiritual unity.

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The event was also graced by Biswadeb Chakraborty (URI National Coordinator) and members from the URI North zone, India: World Vision Society CC, Abhigyane Foundation CC, Salwan Education Trust CC, Love Care Foundation CC, Samvaad CC, Chetna Educational Society CC, Dwarka Peace Society CC, and Tronica City Cooperation Circle. They shared the principles of compassion, faith, hope, love, truth, beauty and goodness that are some of the core principles and values that each religion and faith believes in.

We, on behalf of the URI India team, would like to extend our warm appreciation and recognition to the World Weavers Team, One God and Cultural Infusion team for creating a beautiful space for “Fostering greater spiritual unity among the peoples of the world.” 

As the event for 2019 unfolds and matures, we as the URI India team would work together towards “celebrating and showcasing the extraordinary diversity of human spirituality and our shared passion for connection and unity together.”


Biswadeb Chakraborty

Coordinator, URI India

Sub-regional supervisor, URI East India & Bangladesh