Beruwala URI Cooperation Circle Celebrated Women’s Month 2017

20 April 2017

Sustainable Peace Through Social Development Cooperation Circle, in Beruwala, Sri Lanka, joined hands with Sarvodaya Vishva Niketan Peace Center to launch a super successful Holistic Approach to Motherhood Programme in the Beruwala Divisional Secretariat Division on 3the morning of 30th March. The audience was comprised of more than 220 expecting mothers and prospective fathers who were incredibly committed to grasping the essence of what was communicated to them.


The following comments indicate that the message of Metta towards the womb sank into the hearts of those young parents-to-be. It was great to see all religious mothers of interfaith harmony under one roof.


“This is a very good programme. It supports parents of today who are leading extremely hectic lives providing guidance on bringing a child into this world, explaining the fact that a child is not a single parent’s responsibility. He/she brings a strong sense of togetherness of ‘ours’ and we must nurture him/her with abundant love, kindness and values.”


“The programme, A Holistic Approach to Motherhood, is a very meaningful programme. This is my first baby. I can’t explain in words what I could feel while I was participating in the programme. I don’t remember how many times my eyes were wet with tears during the programme. I felt something missing since my husband was not with me. I wish all of you’d have the capacity and courage to continue to launch such programmes.”


“This is an invaluable programme. I thank all of you who opened before us a host of views to think about the babies yet to be born and the babies already born.”


This programme on one hand marked a special milestone in the history of URI Sri Lanka in its presence in the peace building landscape of Sri Lanka. Beruwala, the same city that witnessed the eruption of communal riots between Sinhala and Muslim ethnic groups three years ago, on this day witnessed an audience of Muslim and Sinhala expectant mothers and prospective fathers wishing together for the birth of whole some babies who would love and protect human, animal and the plant world. It was heartwarming to see the Muslim brothers and sisters, who are the members ofBeruwala URI Circle, serving the Sinhala expectant mothers the refreshments prepared by themselves with utmost love and compassion.


Beruwala URI CC Cooordinator, sister Noor Haseema, is honored with a deep sense of gratitude. Together with the Child Rights Promotion Officers of Beruwala Divisional Secretariat Division, she worked tirelessly to organize this massive event. Beruwala URI Cooperation Circle’s heartfelt thanks go to all of you for giving us this opportunity to plant the seed of metta-loving kindness in the hearts and minds of young parents and the babies yet to be born. 


Special thanks go to:

  • Mr. Ravi Kandage, URI Globle Trustee and Executive Director of Sarvodaya Shanthi Sena.
  • Mr. Chathura Malraj, Divisional Secretary of Beruwala.
  • Vishva Nikethan Peace Center.
  • Mrs. Noor Risviya, Director of Ilmun Noor Centre.
  • All URI CC leaders and members.
  • CRPO in Beruwala DS office.
  • Alex and Loyla from USA.

Flow of Programme Sessions:

  • Interfaith spiritual activities.
  • Life inside the Womb and Mind Body Connection (Video) by Dr. Upali Marasinghe, Senior Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician/ Founder of the programme A Holistic Approach to Motherhood. 
  • Parenting - A Spiritual Gift by Dr Charika Marasinghe, Child Rights and Human Rights Consultant.
  • Metta towards the womb-meditation by Mr. Jagathsiri Gunawardane, Chief Meditation Instructor of Vishva Niketan.
  • Yoga for mothers.

Thank you!

Noor Haseema

URI National Coordinator