Lebanese Interfaith Initiatve CC hosted URI Youth Ambassador Naoufal El hammoumi on Lebanese radio

6 July 2017, 5:02 PM
group of young people talking to each other

Within the framework of visit of 30 youth arab activsts to Beirut to participate in planning the future strategies of Arab-youth led projects for the next ten years for Arab Thought Foundation, I invited through the "Lebanese Interfaith Initiative CC", the first URI CC in Lebanon who joined the URI MENA family nine months ago, 2010 URI Youth ambassador for MENA Mr. Naoufal El Hammoumi, who was participating in FIKR Conference in Beirut, to an amazing Radio Interview with Mr. Hadi Joubali,  the well known Lebanese media figure and honoring member of the Lebanese Interfaith Intiaitve CC, in Mr. Joubali's daily program on Radio Orient, Beirut.


The program called "Mahatat" an arabic title meaning "Stations worth to talk about" where Mr, Joubali interviewd Mr. Hammoumi and discussed the role of media in arab world in supporting youth causes and issues and promoting cooperation among all arab states.


The episoed is going to be broadcasted Saturday 22nd of May on Radio Orient at 1:00 PM GMT on frequency 88?3 -- 88?7 Hz FM.


All those outside lebanon can go to this link to listen live to the interview:



The episode also honored other activists Mr. Mustapha fares, Egyptian journalist, Mr. Seyfallah fares, Tunisian journalist, and Miss Hanan Welda, Moroccan journalist and they are all activists in youth-led projects.