URI MENA youth ambassdor and same URI CC , move to egypt

6 July 2017, 5:21 PM
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It is on the behalf of some of our Arab CC members in which we all wish to share with you some of our upcoming cooperation.
With pleaseure, we would like to share with our colleagues in URI MENA and globally that the follwing names mentioned below have won scholarships to attend the fifth Arab Youth Forum in Alexandria, Egypt on the 27th of February and many of us are sharing as foal points who played important roles to build strong network between young arab youth activists through a very important project called "YOUTH FOR CHANGE" which is implemeted by Taking IT Global orgnaization.
We promise as Arab CC members to continue the hard job to create a good reputation for URI in teh Arab world and Arab events in our countries and abroad. Thanks to the efoorts of some great people like Mr. tareq tammimi, Miss nancy Momany, Mr. Ma'amoun Kreishat ana many others who helped to gather the efforts of arab activists wiht the efforts of URI in the MENA region to build a more peaceful world.
here are our names and CCs and we promise to send you a report about our participation in the arab youth forum and to tell you what projects we proposed to implement in our countries to engage youths in democratic reforms in Arab world
Arabs are the people of culture and peace. 
Iraq (focal point)
Issam Asaad

Iraqi youth for dialogue and coexistence CC
Noufal al hammomi (focal point and URI YOUTH amabssador 2010)
Mohammed Saraj 
Faisal Mahjoubi 
Hisham Chaaya
Fouad ouggad 
Salam Shabab CC 
Rowida Mroue
Lebanese interfaith initiative CC (URI YOUTH amabssador 2010)
Abdalah Hendawi 
SDA Alexandria CC 
sherif Rizq 
Toleranc CC 
Gorgette Bushra
Win MENA cc 
Nancy Momany 
URI MENA Office Manager 
Iris women CC

links the program in radio with URI  CC team ,in rab world , and two uri youth ambassador