Indian peace activists aid flood victims in Lahore

10 July 2017

Dear URI friends,


Here is an other  prominent news about the visit of the Secretary General on UN Mr. Ban Ki- Moon to Pakistan. He saw the sufferings of millions of our people with his own eyes and expressed his solidarity with us in person and by giving all material help possible. He has also appealed  the world to help Pakistan which is facing the worst floods and rains of its history. It is estimated that 20 million people are affected and these people are dire in need of food, clean water,  medicine, tents and rebuilding of their destroyed home.


I express my heartfelt thanks to Mr.Ban Ki-Moon  his such a profound solidarity with us.


I have never seen our people so helpless and in grave danger before.  Over 3.5  million children are in danger of death due to decease caused by these rains and floods.  


More rains and floods are on their way to further destroy our country. I do not know what to do and what to say at this most difficult time faced by our people.


Please visit the website below to read the story of Ban Ki-Moon visiting to Pakistan.




fr James Channan OP