Message of Peace and Pluralism in Islam

21 July 2017, 6:36 AM

Prayers for Eid ul-Fitr at the Imam Ali Shrine

With news of violence done in the name of Islam flooding media, it is important that the URI community is equipped with accurate information and that we benefit from hearing the voices of Muslims within the URI community. Even though we have some knowledge of the core values and teachings of Islam, many of us don't know the Koran nor the stories of the Prophet and others in history who exemplify these core values and teachings. Qutub Kidwai, Regional Coordinator in URI India’s West Zone, offers her insights and knowledge for our edification.

- Sally Mahé, URI Director of Global Programs and Organizational Development

Message of Peace and Pluralism in Islam

The global peace is deteriorating as violence hits all-time high. The massacres in Marawi, Kabul, Manchester and war in Middle East countries will raise the graph further. It’s truly a moment to reflect and move in the direction where we are able to surge towards peace and compassion. Being a Muslim, I condemn killing of innocent people in the name of Islam or Justice. The cowardly act cannot be done by Muslims. They may be bearing Muslim names and calling themselves ‘Gazi’ the fighter for justice but they are sheer a blot in the name of Islam. Muslim community on the whole is the most Peace abiding people because our faith itself calls for Peace.

In the history of Islam, if one try to read, has never attacked the founder of any religion. The Quran is the revered book which laid the foundation of Peace between nations and acknowledged the truth of all Prophets belonging to all different nations.  The verse in the chapter Al-e-Imran says “Therefore, O Muslims, you should declare: We believe in all the Prophets of God belonging to this world and we do not discriminate between them as to reject one and accept the other.” (The Holy Quran 3:85). The Sulh Hudaibiyah, the treaty of Hudaibiyah is one of the best examples in the Islamic history where Prophet Muhammad PBUH showed deep compassion and the best way to attain Peace. Rather than entering the holy city of Mecca by force, because by then Prophet had powerful army and resources unmatched, he entered Mecca quite peacefully. He accepted the humiliating terms and conditions of the tribal leaders of Mecca without questioning them. The enemy’s final condition was that they will not allow Prophet and his followers to perform Haj this year. Prophet Muhammad PBUH agreed and asked his companions to return to Madina. There was no blood shed and revenge killing, though the unbelievers of Mecca severely persecuted the Prophet and his followers in the past. On the other hand he generously pardoned all those who approached him for amnesty.

The Holy Quran promotes the concept walaqad karramna bani Adam i.e “And surely, we have honored the Children of Adam.” (The Holy Quran: 17:70). Here Quran doesn’t say that it has accorded dignity only to Muslims but to all human beings, all Children of Adam, be they Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists , Sikhs or Jains. The Holy Quran further makes it clear that no race, caste, language and creed are privileged over the other. “And of His sign are the creation of the heaven and earth and the diversity of your tongues and colors. Surely there are signs in this for the learned.” (The Holy Quran: 30:22).