The Weekly Shot: Yemeni Youth Learn Documentary Filmmaking

6 August 2017

In Yemen, where Civil War has left many civilian casualties, rampant disease, and deep divisions and turmoil, Youth of Peace Cooperation Circle is fighting back by launching a documentary filmmaking initiative “to fight sectarianism by promoting tolerance, respect, and understanding.” The URI group gathers people from Christian and Islamic Shi’a, Sufi, and Sunni traditions to collaborate together.

Laqta (meaning “footage”) is a project that trains Yemeni youth to produce their own, original, short documentaries promoting tolerance, respect, understanding, moderation and religious freedom in Yemen. Not only does the project enable an upcoming generation to express themselves through film, but Youth of Peace is ensuring their voices are heard by opening communication channels between the participants and film industry experts to ensure the sustainability of future filmmaking projects. In addition to promoting the films online, the Cooperation Circle has forged a partnership with a local cinema, which will show the films for three days.


Learn more about this project here.