Cultural Infusion's July Update

16 August 2017, 3:43 PM

Introducing Joko!

Cultural Infusion has recently released Joko’s Tambourine, the first in a series of educational apps that enables kids to explore the world’s cultures through music. In Joko’s Tambourine, players can discover the Kanjira (from India), Pandeiro (fromBrazil), Riq (from Middle East) through timed challenges. Joko’s Tambourine is available for download from the App Store here.

The next app to be released will be the Balafon app on July 29, followed by Joko’s Splatfest, Joko’s Earth Spin, the Ancestry Atlas and Joko’s Flute in August and September.

These releases come on the back of Cultural Infusion running Sound Infusion and Joko’s World workshops as part of 2016 Education Week.

Students from Collingwood College, Richmond West Primary School and Yarraville Special Developmental School participated in Joko’s World activities and demonstrations and a showcase of Sound Infusion, which included an interactive African drumming performance.


Mandela Day celebrations

Cultural Infusion’s FReeZa statewide committee worked with the Australian African Welfare Bureau to stage manage the Nelson Mandela Day celebration, which was held at Federation Square on Saturday, 16 July.

Nelson Mandela Day reminds each of us to empower ourselves through Mandela’s great example as a significant peace-builder.


5th BMW World Responsible Leaders Forum

Cultural Infusion CEO Peter Mousaferiadis was the only Australian person invited to attend the 5th World Responsible Leaders Forum, which was held in Munich from May 19-22. Run by the BMW Foundation, the Forum activates the resources, experiences and skills of a network that has been built up over 20 years and feeds them into the strategic societal initiatives of the Foundation.

For more information about the forum, click here.


Lahore International Conference on Culture

Pakistan’s Youth Revolution Clan, in collaboration with Cultural Infusion, is hosting the Lahore International Conference on Culture from July 27-29. Among other objectives, the conference, which is being chaired by Cultural Infusion CEO Peter Mousaferiadis, will share experiences and propose strategic recommendations to strengthen culture-based sustainable development initiatives at the international, national, regional and local levels. 

Cultural Infusion’s interfaith officer Nivy Balachandran will also be attending as an International Delegate Participant. The Lahore International Conference on Culture is being supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

For more information, check out the conference Facebook page here.