Voices of Humanity joins URI as the Multiregion’s 55th CC!

21 August 2017

Aug 21, 2017. 

URI's Multiregion welcomes our 55th Cooperation Circle: Voices of Humanity! 

Voices for Humanity is a community-centered social media space in which members of the community rate each other’s submitted messages each lunar cycle, and the highest rated messages become easily available online as the community’s collective voice. Cooperation Circles throughout the URI network will be invited to participate and submit messages. 

 Their mission of Voices for Humanity is broad and ambitious: to implement the purpose of URI (“create cultures of peace justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings”) through this online space. As CC member Deborah Moldow put it in our interview, “URI needs more voice. I see enormous potential for this project. URI is still under the radar in our world. There is a need for more communication, the voices of URI, the hopes and dreams that we all have, into more messaging.” 

Welcome, VOH to the Multiregion family and the URI network! 

Experience VOH at: http://voicesofhumanity.org/