Palestinian Peace Day Celebration

26 September 2017
Palestinian Peace Day Celebration 2017

On Saturday, September 23rd Volunteering for Peace CC, United for Palestine CC, Palestinian Association for NVC CC, We are Palestine CC, and with presence of Palestinian Peace Society CC, and other URI activists in Palestine, we celebrated together the International Day of Peace at the "Friendship Garden" located next to the Ibrahimi Mosque, the home for Abraham the grandfather for the Abrahamic religions and the place where he was buried together with his wife Sarah and his grandsons afterwards.

The Celebration started with a prayer from this scarred place, then the group started a roundtable meeting to talk about what does Peace and the International day of Peace with the presence of the young leaders, a wonderful university students groups and active members of URI. Some of the points that was raised during the roundtable meeting:

  1. A Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish said, "Peace to the land that was born for peace and had never seen peace" meaning Palestine
  2. Living in Peace is a Peace itself
  3. Reaching to inner peace is very important to reach to a real peace
  4. We don't want to see discrimination, racism and hate, those all are forms of lack of peace
  5. There is No Peace with Israeli ugly occupation
  6. Respecting other people’s opinions and thoughts is a tool of peace
  7. Checkpoints and roadblocks by the occupation is dividing people and does not allow communication
  8. I want to live at least one day in a real peace
  9. Peace is a right for each citizen
  10. Allah (God) is Peace and he loves Peace
  11. Human beings are born to live in Peace
  12. Islam means peace and ask people to live in peace
  13. Human beings are born to love other and not to hate
  14. No one chooses how to be
  15. Palestine lives under occupation, we dream of peace
  16. There is no peace with occupation and settlements
  17. URI is our bridge for peace
  18. May Peace prevail in Palestine, May peace prevail of earth
  19. Give peace a chance
  20. I was born to live in peace

and Much Much more from what they said.

With Regards,

Tareq Altamimi

Volunteering for Peace CC Coordinator