URI Member Produces Jewish Moroccan Film

28 September 2017
Simon Skira

This film, produced by Simon Skira (member of Salam Shabab CC), is based on the testimonies of Jewish Moroccans from Morocco and the Diaspora (Israel, France). Explanations of historians have been put in contribution to enrich this film, putting into perspective the historical context of the time.

For a while now, I have been asking myself a question about the actual reasons for the massive exile of Moroccan Jews from their ancestral land, and I have not found a convincing answer to this day.
This question, not relevant in Moroccan school history programs and rarely acknowledged in the media is starting to come up again through conferences and think tanks.

Today, no one is able to give a solid and straight explanation to the departure cycles of an ancient Jewish community, finding its roots in the far before Arab-Islamic conquered Morocco. There are several responses, all colliding and all the people involved have their own truth to it.

See an article about the film here.

The next showing of the film will be at the upcoming URI Middle East and North Africa assembly.