Igniting the LionHeart

20 December 2017

A call to emerging youth leaders went out from the Linda Tucker Foundation this year even before they were welcomed as a new CC in July. Linda Tucker and her team felt a real urgency to contribute to the development of a new kind of leadership in the world, one that is based on heart-centered care for our planet and all life. With Linda’s 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership at its core, she developed a one week experience for young leaders called Igniting the LionHeart, and opened it to her organization's URI colleagues as well as to their friends at PeaceJam. The third and final 2017 Ignition training took place from 5 – 12 December at Linda Tucker’s  base camp in the heart of White Lion ancestral territories. Next year, LTF looks forward to hosting at least another two Ignition trainings with a special deal for corporates. For every full paying corporate delegate, they are opening up a scholarship to a community youth leader.

Read the reflections of Thsegofastso (Kingston) and Thabo (in the pdf. attached below) who attended the LionHearted Leadership Training. 

Igniting the LionHeart with the Linda Tucker Foundation

Igniting the LionHeart is a one week intensive training which takes place in deep in the Timbavati bush veld of South Africa. It is designed to ignite the LionHeart in emerging leaders.

The workshop is intense, focused and experiential, a unique resilience training based on the wisdom of an ancient Lion-Human contract of co-governance that defines true leadership today.

Typically, a workshop would include riverine walks, lion patrols, a sleep out under the stars, “story-telling” in the delegate’s own authentic leadership narrative, guarding the flame and other heart-activating experiences. All these are based on the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ aimed at equipping leaders with the millennial tool-kit to transform their world.

The workshop is led by Linda Tucker, renowned conservationist and author of The 13 LAWS of LionHearted Leadership. It is offered twice annually by the Linda Tucker Foundation, in support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

Igniting the LionHeart night out

Igniting the LionHeart involves a night out, sleeping under the extraordinary Timbavati sky, and taking turns to tend the camp fire which may not be extinguished. Here, our latest group of LionHearts prepares to meet the new day.