New Pastoral Team of the Mennonite Church of Quito, Ecuador

8 March 2018
Foro Espiritual de Santiago para la Paz CC - Menonita.jpg

On Sunday, February 18, the Mennonite Anabaptist Christian Church of Quito, Ecuador elected its new Pastoral Coordinating Committee. This consisted of Alaba Silva, Doris Espinoza, Alexandra Meneses and Víctor Rey (member of Foro Espiritual de Santiago para la Paz Cooperation Circle, or Spiritual Forum for Peace in Santiago).

The Mennonite Church is a Christian church that was born in Switzerland in 1525 and expanded throughout Europe before going to America. In Quito, Ecuador, this community is new and only 15 years old. It is an ecumenical church and fosters interreligious dialogue because it works with migrants.

In Ecuador, there is a high population of Colombians, Venezuelans, Haitians, Cubans and people from Middle Eastern countries. This has allowed the Mennonite church to open up to the needs of the city and act in the directions of peace and diversity. The central emphasis of the church is: "Pray and work for peace."

Reconciliation in all areas of life is its misión, and for that several commissions have been formed, since the community is multicultural and inclusive. In these times of great confusion in the field of religions, what this small congregation is doing is a contribution to diversity, inclusion, respect, tolerance and love.

The doors are open for us to visit. We always have a coffee and something to share, and of course, a lot of friendship to learn, grow and be amazed at the wonders of God.