Saving the White Lions

7 June 2018
LInda Tucker - Saving the White Lions

In URI's Southern African Region, a very hard working ‘Linda Tucker Foundation CC’ works tirelessly to protect the extremely rare White Lions, as well as other lions. As this apex predator loses its natural habitat, so do all the other animals and plant kingdom species around it. By protecting the lion and other big cats, wildlife and their habitats can be saved from extinction. To do this in conjunction with human communities, obtaining your buy-in takes enormous effort and resources. Can you help? 

Read Linda and Jason’s blog, which raises important issues. I trust you will read their article with intent and share it widely. A new paradigm must be urgently sought to save our global wildlife heritage for future generations. 

In their own words:

Following our hugely successful European Tour, Linda and Jason would like to share this important joint statement, reiterating our beliefs about the captive keeping of wild animals for human gain and exploitation. To assist in raising awareness, the White Lion Trust/ Linda Tucker Foundation will be hosting a screening of Blood Lions to help share the grim truth about the canned lion-hunting industry, which we have spent decades exposing. Read more.

With hope for a balanced natural environment for ALL living beings,

Karen Barensché, Regional Coordinator, URI Southern African Region

Linda Tucker award

Linda is delighted and honoured to have received the Silver Award for "Eco-Angel" at this year's EcoLogic Awards, held in Johannesburg on World Environment Day. But the real celebration of the evening was a watershed moment to reflect on what is already being achieved through united efforts in service of our planet. Linda would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to David Parry-Davies for his massive and ever-increasing contribution to protecting Mother Nature by acknowledging those who serve her.